Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wine Bottle Fun!

I've been saving my wine bottles for several months. My collection was quickly adding up so I decided I should really get started on a project. I found a Pin that showed adorable Halloween painted wine bottles and decided that would be my first project. 

The bottles that I saw were hand painted but I decided to use my good friend, spray paint. I started with ghosts. Rather than using white paint I sprayed the bottles silver. Much more fun!!  I painted faces on them with black acrylic paint. 

I decided that I would make pumpkins next. They just didn't turn out how I had hoped. Everything looked messy to me. 

If at first you don't succeed.... You try again right?! 

This time I remembered to tape off sections that I later touched up. I did the green first and then the orange. After I touched up the area where the tape had been, I pained on faces. I'm much happier with the way that these turned out. 

After the pumpkins I decided to make some happy little witches. Again I taped off the areas, painted, touched up, and drew their faces on with black acrylic paint. 

I'm glad to have a bit of a head start on making some new Halloween decorations!!!

I had washed one extra bottle so I decided to spray it with chalkboard paint. I haven't used it yet but am excited to do something with it! I think I will use another Pinterest idea and paint three more black, then write "fall" on them, with one letter on each bottle. I'll probably get some faux fall flowers to put in them and place them on my mantle. 

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