Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Easter Cake

A couple years ago, I saw an Easter cake repinned over and over again. I decided that it was cute and that for Easter that year, I'd make a cake and decorate it like what I had seen on Pinterest. I thought it turned out to be adorable. Mine was a bit different from the pin, which is what I prefer to do. I love to take an idea and then make it my own. 

As usual, I made my cake and frosting from scratch. I made a yellow cake and vanilla buttercream. My vanilla buttercream is probably my speciality. I LOVE making it and use it often. Although I use other flavors and other frostings, the vanilla is most definitely my favorite. 

This cake had Peeps brand bunnies lined up around the edges. Easy. I bought a few packages of Peeps, in different colors for variety. After my cake was frosted, I lined them up around it, carefully pressing them into the buttercream so that they would stay. I then scattered Easter M&Ms across the top, as well as around the top of the side of the cake all the way around. After that, I put some Peeps chicks on the top. 

The original cake had the M&Ms arranged around the bottom of the cake, rather than the top. It also had significantly more M&Ms on top of the cake and did not have any additional Peeps on top. I thought that the amount of M&Ms on top was a bit excessive. I also knew that my family (myself included) would not want to eat so many M&Ms. They would've gone to waste had I used so many. Personally, I liked the appearance of my cake better than the original pin. Of course, I made it so that it was pleasing to MY eye, so that's to be expected. 

This was a super popular pin. Did any of you try it?

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