Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fabric Scrap Bracelets: Not What I Expected.

I saw a cute idea to make fabric scrap bracelets on the P. one day and thought they would be cute and easy. They were both. But they were cute for.... Someone younger. They definitely didn't turn out to be "classy" looking. I could see a younger girl; maybe a 'tween enjoying bracelets like this. I originally made them for myself, but they are far too young for me. Cute, but not appropriate. 

These bracelets only included a few materials: rubber bracelets (like the cancer awareness type), scraps of fabric, and hot glue. I picked up my bracelets at either the Dollar Spot at Target or a dollar store. They're kinda flimsy; definitely more-so than the five dollar awareness bracelets are. All I had to do was put glue on the bracelet and wrap the fabric around it. Simple. Easy. Cute. Not for me. I decided to add a little extra flair to mine but adding some buttons in different colors and sizes. This only added to the young look of the bracelets. Colorful plastic buttons are certainly not adult-like. But a younger girl? Just might love them. 

I only made two since I decided I wasn't exactly a fan. They're still sitting in my craft room. I should just give them to my younger cousin. I have more plastic bracelets so I guess I'll use her as a tester. If she likes them, I'll make some more to sell at a craft fair or on etsy or something, I think that the bracelets are pretty cute. 

What do you think? Is this something a 'tween would wear?

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