Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gumball Machine Style Candy Dishes.

These are freaking adorable! I knew as soon as I saw them that I HAD to make them. I also knew that they'd make great gifts for Valentine's Day. I made one for my Mom and one for my Grandma, and filled them with Valentine's Day Peanut M&Ms. 

Like most of my projects, these were pretty simple and didn't take a long time. They made an adorabe little gift. In fact, my Mom keeps her's out throughout the year! 

The materials for these were picked-up at a local store (Meijer). I got some mini Terra Cotta pots and saucers, and a four pack of small glasses to use for the base, top, and bowl. I already had the paint and brushes at home. I picked up some some wooden balls to glue to the top.

First I painted my pots, saucers, and wooden balls in a plain color (one red, one pink) with acrylic craft paint. After they were dry I tipped the pots upside down and painted designs on them (hearts and dots). After they dried again, I glued the glass to the pot (bottom of the glass to the bottom of the pot). I then glued the painted wooden ball to the center of the bottom of the saucer. When the glue dried, I put candy into the glasses and topped them with the saucer. Voila!

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