Thursday, September 12, 2013

Canvas Door or Wall Hanging

I made this with the intention of putting it on my door but it kept falling down. Now it's displayed on an end table in my living room. I made it to match my Christmas decor a couple years ago but really like the color it brings into the room. 

This was another easy project. I used a canvas and wooden letter that I had purchased for "whatever."  First I drew circles on the canvas in pencil. Then I painted the green around them. After that I painted the circles. While the canvas was drying I painted the wooden letter. When that was dry I got my hot glue gun out and glued the letter on. That was it!

This could be done for any room of the home. I think it would be cute painted to match a nursery or child's room, using the child's first initial. 

This is another fun project that you can create to suit your personal taste. It's also one that would be fun to have a child help with! The child could paint the canvas to display in his or her room. 

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