Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glue Plus Food Coloring.

Another P.-inspired project that I decided to tackle was painting glass with a mixture of white glue (I used Elmer's) and food coloring. This is supposed to give it a seaglass type of effect when it's dry. The keyword in that last sentence "suposed." 

Mine did not look anything like the picture. I was expecting, pretty frosted looking pieces. I ended up with streaky pieces that the paint didn't want to stay on. In fact, I could try and start over and over because, even after it was dry, the glue mixture washed off of them. 

Did I mention I originally used this idea to make a cake stand? Um. I don't want glue coming off on my cake, that's for sure!! I also don't want to have to paint pieces again and again to get the look. I ended up using this method to make some vases and a bowl, which turned out a little better. They do have more of a frosty appearance, but still do not look as pretty as the picture I found on Pinterest. 
I have the vases displayed in my house and I use the bowl to hold my remotes,  but the cake stand idea didn't work.

There was not an exact set of directions with this pin. I believe it just said to mix the glue and food coloring for that seglass effect. There were no guidelines on how much glue to use. I'm wondering if maybe I didn't use enough glue on the cake stand. I used more on the bowl and vases and they did seem to turn out a little better. Perhaps it was my color choices, but they do not look quite as sophisticated as I was hoping they would. Or maybe it's that the project isn't supposed to be sophisticated so much as it is meant to be fun.

I might try this again sometime. I've since seen it used on the stems and bases of wine glasses, which would be cute for a theme party. I would paint them for an outdoor, summer party, if I were using a variety of colors to decorate. That could definitely be fun. They could even be a favor that guests could take home with them. I probably won't use this idea for decor around my home. For me, this idea seems best to be executed with a specific purpose. 

Has anyone else tried this and had similar luck? Better luck?

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