Monday, September 23, 2013

More Fun with Wine Bottles.

I finally cleaned up a few more wine bottles to create a new fall decor piece. The great thing is that I can change out the (artificial) flowers with different colors for different holidays or seasons. For example I'll get red and green for Christmas and change the word to "joy!" or "merry" (just have to make one more bottle for that one!).  After Christmas I can put sone white flowers in them and write "snow" on the bottles. 

To create these I cleaned up wine bottles and sprayed them with chalkboard spray paint. I cut the flowers from a bouquet (that I bought at the dollar store) so that they would fit into the bottles as I wanted. I then bent them down a little so that they would show better (because they were on the mantel which is high). I used plain white chalk to write on the bottles. 

I'm pretty excited about this project because it can be changed to be used in various ways. I have already have ideas for other times of the year too. 

Side note: I need to start drinking more wine because I only have a few large bottles left!! 

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