Monday, March 10, 2014

Jalapeño Popper Melts

l made these yummy sandwiches for dinner on Saturday. It's like a grown-up grilled cheese flavor explosion! The recipe is from Kraft and I adapted it slightly using similar recipes from Pinterest. 

Things you need...
Crushed pretzels
Pepper jack cheese 
American cheese
An egg wash (egg and milk)
Jalapeño peppers

First I cooked the bacon. Perfectly, according to my boyfriend. I'm glad I've achieved the skill of cooking perfect bacon. Yay for small accomplishments!

After the bacon was cooked I made my egg wash and got my sandwiches ready. I dipped one side of each slice of bread in the egg wash and then in the crushes up pretzels to form a crust. I put a piece of bread in the pan and built the sandwich... 

Pepper jack. American. Bacon. Jalapeños. More pepper jack. The top slice of bread. I cooked it until one side was done and flipped it and cooked the other side. 

They. Were. Delicious. My boyfriend ate almost two of them and said they were "amazing."  I always feel great when he enjoys my cooking, which is pretty much all the time. I love that he doesn't hesitate to tell me how much he likes it and that he thinks I'm one of the best cooks ever... Along with the best girlfriend ever, which is a title I wear proudly. I may not be (am probably not) the best girlfriend in the history of the World but I'm his best girlfriend ever, which makes me a gppy girl!

So this is one that isn't recommended by just me... It's not the healthiest (although I used light whole grain bread and lower fat cheese... Tried to make a few good substitutions) but it is delicious. You can combine it with something healthier like a veggie for a better version. 

No picture this time... I deleted it! 

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